Yoga & YogaDance Workshops

"Yoga with Einat is like taking a journey. You feel each day is a different step. For me, Einat's teaching is a perfect balance of physical and mental, letting the journey go deeper and deeper".

Elen from Australia,




The Path to Liberation

Meditation & Awareness through Yoga

Using meditation, mantras, pranayama, chanting and yoga asanas, we uncover layers of awareness in the body and mind. Our aim is to unify the self with the higher consciousness, in accordance with the wisdom of Patanjali's ancient Yoga Sutras. Our actions can create suffering or liberation; the choice is ours. We will seek peace in chaos and comfort in the uncomfortable.


This is an invitation to become intimate with the unity inside you; to be in the present and discover the freedom of detachment. Awareness is balance.






A self exploration journey through conscious movement

This workshop combines aspects of Yoga (postures and stillness of the mind) with free, guided dance. This unique combination enables us to focus our body and mind into the flow and align with the present moment. This creates unity within and with everything around.  


This is a fun and dynamic workshop lasting three hours.



"I enjoyed the workshop so much! Please keep on doing what you are doing... see you at the next workshop". Maria from Portugal.