Yoga & Meditation Classes


Freedom Yoga Class 


A gentle practice that combines breath and movement, bringing awareness to the body and the mind. Every session is built step by step toward the goal, Vinyasa krama, and combines Asana (poses), Pranayama (cultivating Prana, the life energy, through breath regulation), and Shavasana (guided relaxation). One-on-one sessions are also available, providing focused guidance adapted to the individual's needs, bringing holistic development to the physical, mental and emotional health. Durtion 90 min.

"Einat's class is pure bliss! The focus, slow and micro movements really helps to balance my body in a way I've never experienced. I would love to take her home with me!!" Monica, USA 


Shamanic Yoga Class


A meditative and powerful Yoga practice with a special connection to the elements of nature and the seventh directions blessing of the Maya tribe.

A unique type of yoga that allow a deep connection to self and great spirit. Durtion 90 min.


Breath Of Life & Sounds Of Creation

Pranayama and Mantra class to open your energy channel to Prana (life energy) to nourish and renew your whole being. We will practice different types of Pranayama (controlling Prana by regulating the breath) combined with sacred Mantras for peace and harmony. Duration 60 min.


Mindfulness Meditation


A practice for cultivating awareness and creating a clam and clear mind, With a few simple techniques using the breath and the mind as an object of meditation. This is a very practical practice that creates an immediate benefit by elevating ease and inner peace, and also gives tools to keep on practicing at home. Duration 40 min.