Recorded in Chennai,

Tamil Nadu, India, 2013.


The best way to end your

practice is to relax,

and allow your muscles

and tissues to return back

to the right place.


This releases any tension that is left in the body or mind. Just breathe and let go.

Performing "Goddess Sofia"  at All Saints night 

with Butterfly Wheel, London, UK, 2015 

Performing "Fire Goddess" at Radhika Palace Pushkar, India, 2015 

Performing at Radhika Palace Pushkar, India, 2015 

Performing at Radhika Palace Pushkar, India, 2015 

Performing at the "Boom Festival" with Dj Tori baba, Portugal, 2014  

Performing at the "Circus week", Auroville, India, 2015

Performing with Yogev Haruvi at

"Art Festival", Auroville, India, 2015

Performing with The Turbans,

London, England, 2014 

Performing at "Bollywood - Blast", Delhi, India, 2014

Performing at "world dance festival" Auroville, India, 2014


Sun salutation


Recorded in the Andaman Islands, India, in 2013.


This famous sequence helps energize the body and the mind. There are many variations of the sequence and this is just one of them.


Click and practice. 

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