Shamanic Women Yoga Retreat

Daily Yoga | Meditation | Dance | Art & crafts | Shamanic Healing  Sweat Lodge | Shamanic Meditations | Day trip to the beach
















During a retreat we prepare ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally, creating a supportive and healthy group dynamic, and enter our journey into self exploration together, safely and comfortably. The key aim is to provide a space for letting go and opening up to the new, while at the same time ensuring that we are able to integrate our discoveries into our daily lives.


"This is the third time I have been on one of Einat's retreats and I keep returning because the work and support here is truly a gift. Einat is extremely professional and precise in arranging the co-facilitators and calling the correct mix of woman to her retreats. I can honestly say i have never felt so much love, support, warmth and guidance from a group of woman and I have made some really special friends here. However, the work here is not always easy as you are truly meeting yourself and faced with some life lessons that can be really challenging. That being said, if you are feeling the calling to take responsibility for your life in a supportive, loving environment, I would highly recommend this retreat." Katie, UK

What is a                                ?

Shamanic Yoga Retreat


This is an opportunity to reconnect and re-center yourself, to take this precious time to remember who you truly are and reclaim your power and spirit!

it may be too long since you felt aligned and clear about your path and calling in life. 

"The Dawn Of Spring - Blooming Of The Heart" 

The 7th Shamanic women Yoga Retreat 5 - 9/10 May 2018 


Profound and joyful journey towards the essence of the sacred feminine,

This retreat is for ones who are ready to go deep and revive the wild women who echoes from within with sacred dance workshops, Yoga, meditation, depth workshops and Shamanic healing ceremonies.

Shamanic Yoga retreat location

The location for the Shamanic Yoga Retreat was chosen for the beauty of its natural surroundings, harmonious atmosphere and nourishing environment. The accommodations are simple and comfortable, the food is fresh, vegetarian and delicious, and the hosts are welcoming and supportive. This is why for the 3rd year we are hosting the retreat there.


The space has its own distinct character, and the vibe is full of light, positivity and love, with a family atmosphere prevailing. Check out the galleries from previous retreats below for a visual taster.   



"After these days I feel connected, present, free and full of joy. I'm so grateful for this experience with Einat and the whole loving group of women" Simone, Switzerland

shamanic women yoga retreat
Shamanic Yoga Retreat
shamanic women yoga retreat
Shamanic Yoga Retreat
shamanic women yoga retreat
Shamanic Yoga Retreat
Shamanic Yoga Retreat
Shamanic Yoga Retreat
Shamanic Yoga Retreat

Who holds the space at the Shamanic Yoga Retreats?


Einat Ran, Spiritual teacher, Yogini, Sacred Dance performer and artist.   














"I am devoted to what I call the Art of Awareness, which combines the transformative tools of yoga, meditation, dance and shamanic teachings.


For the last 15 years I have explored and shared the practices that have helped me in my own development, and ongoing transition to a more authentic way of life, better aligned with my true self. I consider life a work in progress and aspire to walk my talk while on my path.


"completed my Vini Yoga teacher training at the Wingate Institute, Israel, attended intensive training courses at the KYM School in Chennai, India. 

Yuval Kessem Roseshamanic medicine woman, therapist, healer and mother

"I traveled to many countries, lived with different cultures and studies with various teachers and shamans around the world. In my journeys I acquired many skills, wisdom and experience of healing and practical living and gathered tools from the worlds of shamanism, therapy, coaching and music." 

Yuval is conducting psycho-spiritual shamanic workshops and ceremonies around the world and is the founder and p leader of the shamanic couching way of life “The Key Of The Heart“.

Yuval  Kessem Rose is also a senior coach (business and private), which in the last 18 years she  accompanied thousands of people in a life changing process of healing and success and trained hundreds of instructors  and coaches around the globe. She is a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a teacher, a student  and a free soul .










"The Shamanic yoga women's retreat is a place and experience where we can come and be held in a loving and trusting space. From here, we can release, heal, return to our power and know that we can grow and blossom without judgement, without fear. After my second year attending this retreat, I feel the warmth and support that I have received and keep with me through the year and am eternally grateful that I know I can come here to ground myself. It's a celebration! And in the company and beauty of women, what a blessing!" Alice, Portugal


When i came to this retreat i was filled with So much pain and Sadness, on my first day | couldn't hold back the tears. I am now leaving feel ing ready for a new chapter in my life without any pain from the past. | feel Confident and content, I couldn't thank you all enough for all the amazing work you have done. Namaste  Lavinina, UK











"This five days have been very nourishing for me. I learned how healing and supporting it can be, to share space, emotions and stories with other women. I am very grateful, that I gave myself the opportunity to experience that. Thanks for everything Einat! Imelda, Switzerland


"This is truly an empowering journey toward the depth of myself. I feel it brings our hearts closer to each other and creates a bond of unconditional love! Aho! Yarden, Israel 



"I have had the most transformative experience. Before I left home I tried to not get caught up with making a list of expectations for the retreat, I really wanted to see how everything would unfold… even if I did come up with a list of hopes, I could never have imagined how wonderfully they would have been surpassed. Even when my difficult and darker emotions ran high, I was given room to move through the learning in a supported and useful way. Gently guided to see my own inner truths. I enjoyed starting the day with yoga and loved the art activities. Fabulous to reconnect with long lost creativity!" Amanda, England


"Einat found ways of opening my heart, releasing and letting go of blockages and helped me to appreciate myself more again. Her beauty inside and out and her feminine ways are very inspiring. The retreat was beautifully balanced and offered such a variety of different activities.The combination of yoga, meditation, art, ceremonies, introspection, exposure to the Amazon's nature and animals, loving and open people, amazing spaces, views and holy areas… touches me deep inside and transforms me".

Sabi, Germany 



"The retreat was such a deep experience in my own process, it was an amazing magical time, learning so much about myself and others, and life itself. I really enjoyed the different workshops, developing my own creativity. I definitely recommend this retreat to those who really want to reconnect with their inner being". Crys, Paris











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The retreat include:
 5 days accomadation
 3 healthy vegetarian meals per day
All workshops, classes, meditations and ceremonies
Retreats fee:
Shamanic Women Yoga Retreat (max 20 people)
Monte Meriposa, Algarve, 5 - 9/10 May 2018
Dormitory Room 930 Euro
Double Room 1,045 Euro

Yoga & Meditation

Morning practice for a strong and flexible body

Shamanic Healing

Temascal (sweat lodge) ceremony and Shamanic Meditation from the Amazon

Arts & Crafts 

Reconnect with our creative and expressive side

Body Treatments

Massage, Private Yoga Therapy

Sacred Dance

fusion dance and dedications from east and west coltures 

Maximum 20 participants only

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5 - 9/10 May 2018,  5 Days

Monte Meriposa, Algarve, Portugal

Shamanic Women Yoga Retreat

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Elements of Shamanic Yoga Retreat


5 - 9/10 May 2018,  5 Days

Monte Meriposa, Algarve, Portugal

Shamanic Women Yoga Retreat