Celebrate the woman you are and reconnect to your feminine essence in a one day workshop of

Sacred Dance, Meditation and Yoga.

Share a beautiful Sunday with us, embodying the beauty of our feminine movement. Combining inspiring practices and dances from the modern and anchient times, that are designed to bring you back home to the joy of life nested in your heart.

In this workshop we will practice Sacred dance; a meaningful and graceful dance coming from the old empire of Persia and Sufi mystical tradition. We'll start the day with a feminine Yoga practice of ViniYoga (classical Vinyassa by the tradition Krishnamacharia) focusing on the pelvic floor and spine. we'll quite the mind a bit with chanting, Pranayama (the control of Prana - life energy, through breath regulation) and guided meditation sending healing and compassion to our bodies, hearts and wombs.

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Goddess awakening - spiral of the heart is an invitation for women to embody their beauty re-member their bodies. Connecting to the voices of their heart and summoning inspiration, and creativity back to their lives.

A one-day workshop 


Sacred dance -
Beautiful and meaningful dance from the silk road and Sufi tradition (no experience needed). A moving mantra, a dancing prayer.
we will learn step by step a short choreography with the aim to inspire the heart and emerge into beauty.

This dance is a mystical fusion inspired by Tribal fusion bellydance, Persian dance and Sufi whearling. It's empowering women around the world to express a feminine and hypnotizing movement with a special focus on gestures and understanding the intention behind the movement. Awakening to our sacredness with dance.

Feminine Yoga - a soft and gentile Vinyassa yoga practice focused on a healthy pelvic floor to open our bodies and harmonize the Chackras (energetic centers).

Healing womb and heart meditation - guides meditation and visualization to connect to the wisdom and power nested in ourselves. sending healing and kindness to the path we have walked so far.

"A goddess is a women who emerges from deep within herself

Throughout this blissful event you will:


♕ Enjoy and reconnect to your famine body, allowing it to move in a round and spiral like it knows
♕ Nourish and revive your body and soul connecting to other like minded wild women, like you
♕ Allow the flow of creativity and flourishing back into your life
♕ Bring health and balance to your body by learning techniques to incorporate the pelvic floor in your yoga practice

♕ Quieten your mind a bit and experience mindfulness in stillness and in movement
♕ Experience the immense power of dancing your authentic prayer
♕ Merge into harmony with sacred chants


The workshop is open to everyone, regardless of experience of yoga or dance.

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Previous participants write:


"A beautiful "held" feminine workshop that course all aspects of being a women - highly recommended!", Fran

"Wow! what a way to spend my birthday - dancing as a goddess! thank you :)", Becky

"Wonderful time - enlightening ans so enjoyable",  Karen

"This is bliss, love and community for the feminine soul", Helen

"Beautiful workshop, REALLY ENJOYED!", Clair

"To walk and dance in beauty, awakening the goddess I thank you for sharing your journey Einat", Gina

"I was simply not aware how much i missed dancing and being in a supportive, judgement-free feminine environment! this workshop is not a dance class it is a pure delight for my body and soul. thank you Einat for remaining me...", Deedra

"Received this workshop as a gift from my friend, we had the most joyful time! looking forward for the next workshop", Kate

"PURE BLISS, highly recommended", Jessica

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About Einat Ran


Einat is a dance and yoga teacher from Israel and has guided hundreds of women to get in touch with the essence and their hearts desires through listening to the wisdom within that arises through movement.

Einat teaches internationally and enthusiastically, meeting women from all over the world to share her knowledge of sacred dance, yoga and meditation, forming a vocabulary of moving prayers to cultivate and embody blessings.

“I’m thrilled to return to London and meet more people who are ready to open up for these inspiring teachings and reclaim their power and passion in life. I’m honoured to share what I’ve learned from rare and amazing teachers around the world.”


We'll gather at a beautiful wooden floor studio nested in natural light,

at the heart of London! 

It's easy to access with public transportation

Studio address: "The Place",17 Duke's Rd, Kings Cross,

London WC1H 9PY,


Dance & movement lovers

Yoga & Meditation practitioners 

Women who wants to embody self love and care 

Women who are in need for inspiration, passion and re-balance themselves 

Women who wants precious time for themselves, stepping out of the regular day to day routene.  

All women who hear the calling to connect to the sacred feminine 

This is not the workshop for you if you're looking for a fitness workshop with lots of sweat!

*** Tickets are non refundable or reusable in case of cancellation 

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