Dance Workshops



ChandraMa - Unleash The Goddess Within

This is an invitation to reconnect to the soft and feminine place within you, to open your heart, reclaim your power and celebrate life! We will explore different techniques and tools for elevating our awareness and increasing well-being.


  •      Tribal Fusion Belly Dance and free movement

  •      Yoga Asana and Pranayama (breath regulation)

  •      Mantras and chanting   

  •      Arts and crafts


Through this journey of two days, we will promote a clearer more focused mind, learn to trust and open our heart, and be receptive. This workshop will help us to distinguish between what is important in life and what can be released, and to develop the courage to make difficult decisions when necessary, as well as the perseverance to follow them.

All in a safe and comfortable space, step by step toward the goal.


"Just want to thank you and bless you for the magic reunion this afternoon, always shinning like a star, you enlightened us. Kisses from the heart, beautiful sister". Tania from Portugal. For more reviews click here 

Rosella from the US tells about her experience at the ChandraMa Workshop


Goddess Awakening

A workshop dedicated to connection and integration of the Shakti spirit that's nested inside, and to the power and softness it brings to us. (Shakti= divine feminine and power in Sanskrit).


We'll combine

  • Sacred Dances- from east and west cultures which will empower the feminine spirit within, special focus of hand gestures and the intention behind the movement.

  • Yoga (Asana)- a soft and gentile Vini Yoga to flaxen our body and make room for life energy (prana) to flow freely within.

  • Meditation- through conscious breathing and visualization we'll allow our inner piece to emerge and enjoy the benefit of a calm, clear mind.


This one day workshop is for all levels yoga and dance practitioners. it is especially beneficial for Yoga teachers who wish to add another depth to their teaching.