Dance Class


Shakti Tribal Dance Class |  90 min

A hypnotizing and powerful fusion dance of East and West cultures; Belly Dance, Flamenco and Hip Hop with sacred dances from Asia. Through dance we are able to reconnect to our selves and befriend ourselves, finding the joy in feminine flowing movement. 









Kayza from Astonia tells about her experience from Shakti Tribal Calsses, Goa 2016.

Rebeca from England tells about her experience fromShakti Tribal Calsses, Auroville 2015.

"I feel super! I forgot how good it feels to dance and be one with my body...thank you for a beautiful class today. Eve from France 

"I absolutely loved my dance classes with Einat! She shares a unique form of dance that invokes the power of intention and consciousness. I have never enjoyed dancing so much as I have under her guidance and matter what state I in am when I arrive, I always leave feeling rested and connected with myself. Thank you Einat for sharing this beautiful expression of the goddess within and for being such an inspiration, Love Skye from Australia