"Yoga is the complete orientation of the mind's activities toward a state of Harmony,

Clarity and total Awareness" 

Patanjali Yoga Sutra 1.2

A journey toward my true self...


I am devoted to what I call the Art of Awareness, which combines the transformative tools of yoga, meditation, dance and shamanic teachings.


For the last 14 years I have explored and shared the practices that have helped me in my own development, both during a successful business career and my ongoing transition to a more authentic way of life, better aligned with my true self. I am fortunate to be able travel the world, studying and teaching yoga and dance classes, workshops and retreats. I consider life a work in progress and aspire to walk my talk while on my path.


Einat Freedom Yoga is my life's work, through which I pour into existence and share the tools I use in my own practice. This website provides information on different aspects of my journey, including what, where and when I'm teaching, as well as news, photos and videos.

"Einat is a patient, compassionate, authentic and dedicated teacher.

For this retreat, she successfully brought together a very special and complementary team to facilitate the variety of workshops and activities." Benji from Australia, Shamanic Yoga Retreat Portugal 

Goddess Dance 






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