I am devoted to what I call the Art of Awareness, which combines the transformative tools of yoga, meditation, dance and shamanic teachings. For the last 12 years I have explored and shared the practices that have helped me in my own development, both during a successful business career and my ongoing transition to a more authentic way of life, better aligned with my true self. I am fortunate to be able travel the world, studying and teaching yoga and dance classes, workshops and retreats. I consider life a work in progress and aspire to walk my talk while on my path.


Einat Freedom Yoga is my life's work, through which I pour into existence and share the tools I use in my own practice. This website provides information on different aspects of my journey, including what, where and when I'm teaching, as well as news, photos and videos. I believe that the combination of techniques I use allows me to more easily connect and resonate deeper with different types of people, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.



I completed my teacher training in the Wingate Institute, Israel. Further to that, I undertook intensive trainings at the KYM School in Chennai, India. er to that, I undertook intensive trainings at the KYM School in Chennai, India. Currently I’m studying two courses; an advanced Yoga teacher training and Yoga for pregnant women in Wingate institute, Israel. 


My first step into the world of yoga was when I was searching for a balance-based physical exercise for my spine, as I have Scoliosis. Little did I know that a few years later yoga would influence my body, my mind and the pulse of my life. For me, yoga is about bringing the virtue of awareness into every aspect of life, to see the bigger picture. I realised that the real practice takes place beyond the yoga mat. It is about how I think, communicate and act in the world. Yoga is about finding the middle path and not being caught in extremes. 




















My dance journey started from a very young age, with the wish to become a belly dancer. I have always loved to dance and express myself through movement. From the age of 16

I began dancing on stage at festivals and events with different dance troupes.


I studied Hip Hop at Studio G in Israel for two years, and Tribal Fusion Dance with the master teacher Sigal Ziv  for three years. I am currently training India in a variety of Asian dance styles from Odissi to Balanese in a mysterious fusion with Hina Sarojini (dancer of Prem Joshua), and Kathak and Sufi dance with Astha Dixit.