Yoga, Meditation & Awareness


14-23.3.2014    Auroville, India


"Yoga is the mastery of the mind's fluctuation activities" Patanjali Yoga sutra-s 1.2











A 10 day unique experience, which includes:

  • Vinyasa Yoga asanas practiced twice a day, for a strong and more flexible body.

  • Pranayama sessions, to elevate awareness and focus.

  • Mantra and mindfulness meditation, for a calmer and more focused mind.

  • Philosophy and practical knowledge, to create a sense of well-being in our everyday life

  • Awareness through art and movement, allowing you to get in touch with your inner dancer and painter.

  • Non-violent communication (NVC) workshop, promoting awareness in the communication with others.

  • Day trip to Tiruvannamalai - Sunrise meditation at Arunachala Mountain, for a powerful spiritual experience.

  • Talks on Auroville and the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo, to discover a unique philosophy and way of life.

  • Pick up at Chennai airport to Auroville (2.5 hours), for a serene and stress-free journey. 


And many more activities to make you feel comfortable, revitalized, and at peace.


 Where is it?


Welcome to the world of Auroville, the universal township of spiritual synthesis, where wind-swept forest roads re-establish your connection with Mother Earth. Located in Tamil Nadu, India, it rekindles the development of your internal abilities for the collective spirit.


Within Auroville lies an eco-sustainable community - Verite. Our retreat will be hosted here, where a nourishing, healthy and serene environment will help promote a sense of inner as well as outer space


  • Three organic vegetarian meals, grown in Auroville itself.

  • Accommodation in a single/double room.

  • Bicycle for getting around and regular laundry service is also included.


"Auroville for me is a life changing place. It really enables you to get in contact with yourself.  The safe and serene environment and the  space at Verite  give you all you need to dwell inward-to your inner process of growth and peace"  Einat Ran




















And if I'm new to Yoga?                                                   


The beauty of yoga is its individualistic yet holistic nature. It prepares the individual to join the higher gathering. For beginners, it is a great opportunity to develop a sense of awareness on the path of spiritual cleansing. If you are an experienced practitioner, it is an opportunity to dwell on the deeper layers of consciousness and to root the practice inward. 


This Yoga, Meditation & Awareness Retreat is essential for that individuals who are interested in promoting well-being and inner peace in their life, and ones who wishes to receive the tools to apply to the practical side of life.



Who teaches the retreat? 

This Yoga, meditation & awareness retreat is created and mainly taught by me, Einat Ran

with the co-operation of experienced Aurovilian teachers.


I have been a practitioner of yoga for the past 10 years. I explored many methods,

before finding my calling in Vini (vinyasa) Yoga. I follow the tradition of TKV Desikachar,

the son and heir of Krishnamacharya. It is a traditional form of yoga that combines physical

practice with ancient philosophy.


I completed my teacher training in Wingate Institute, Israel. Further to that,

I undertook intensive training at the KYM School in Chennai, India.

I currently teach classes and workshops in India and Israel.



A day at the retreat:


6:45-8:15          Yoga practice

8:30-9:15          Breakfast

10:30-11:15      single point meditation

11:30-12:15      Philosophy for everyday life

12:30-13:15      Lunch

15:00-15:30      Pranayama practice

15:30-16:00      Tea brake

16:00-17:15      art & awareness workshop- changes daily (dance, movement, painting, singing)

17:30-18:30      Yoga practice

18:30-19:15      Dinner

20:00-21:00      Analizing/ Mantra meditation


***An example for a day at the retreat, there will be also free time and option for Karma yoga in the garden.









"To know one's true self is to know the universe" 


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