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"Yoga is the complete orientation of the mind's activities toward a state of Harmony,

Clarity and total Awareness" 

Patanjali Yoga Sutra 1.2

Goddess Dance 






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A journey toward my true self...

I am devoted to what I call the Art of Awareness, which combines the transformative tools of yoga, meditation, dance and shamanic teachings.

"I absolutely loved my dance classes with Einat! She shares a unique form of dance that invokes the power of intention and consciousness. I have never enjoyed dancing so much as I have under her guidance and matter what state I in am when I arrive, I always leave feeling rested and connected with myself. Thank you Einat for sharing this beautiful expression of the goddess within and for being such an inspiration, Love" Skye from Australia

"Einat was able to create a magic atmosphere among a group of women that didn't know each other. I was moved by how much sincerity and freedom to express she was able to give us. It was a very special experience. Strongly recommended!"

Sara Grenga, Israel

"Hello Einat Ran thank you so much for the amazing evening last night for the Goddess Awakening workshop! Loved every single bit! It was fun, emotional, empowering, connecting and free!! My heart is still full of butterflies and flowers! Hope you will be back soon!! Ciao cara!"

Margherita Carello, UK